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An interview with Liverpool based artist TIËRNY

Liverpool based singer/songwriter TIËRNY combines powerful raw vocals, catchy hooks and emotive melodies with classical elements, self-titling the genre as Baroquetronica, creating melancholic pop perfection. We spoke about her inspirations, motivations to make it in the music industry and future plans. Hello, Tierny Welcome to Fave Sounds How are you?

Charlotte’s Voice is the Exact Opposite of Pain

In her track This Pain, Charlotte OC gives all of us a chance to appreciate the variation in her vocals and her excellent use of vocal texturing. Her verses are sung at a lower octave than that of the chorus, and this allows her to create an even greater distinction

Chelsea Uses One Hook to Her Advantage

Chelsea Collins’ track, 07 Britney, clearly shows that she understands how repeating a catchy hook can play to your advantage. We first hear the hook right at the start of the song, and the melody stays unchanged for the most part throughout the song. However, if you constantly repeat the

Sabrina Shows Us What She’s Made of In Her New Track

In Sabrina’s new track, Losing Sleep, she showcases her exquisite command on her vocal register. In the verses, her vocals stay in a low octave, which is pulled off superbly, as the notes are clear and still powerful. This is in direct contrast to the high notes in the chorus,

Introducing dream pop songstress Ocean and the Waves

Ocean and the Waves, who's name was inspired by Oceans island upbringing in Spain and her Aquarian zodiac sign, is a dream pop act currently based in London. Originally breaking the scene with an anthem for her generation "Golden Kids", Ocean has been releasing music since May 2019. She started

Skylar Lee Does Vocal Texturing Right

Skylar Lee, in Marionette, perfectly uses homophonic texturing of her vocals for creating an almost atmospheric presence in her song, giving it volume and complexity. What’s more is that it possibly replicates some of the voices in her head when she experienced the events mentioned in the lyrics. The vocal

Zeplyn: A diverse pop artist on the rise.

Hertfordshire native, Zeplyn has been building her solo career as a talented Pop Singer since the release of her first single in July last year. Influenced by music both new and old, Zeplyn aspires to perform songs that speak to fans across the musical spectrum. Her signature style has become

Aeora – A Breath of Fresh Air in Modern Music

Aeora, in her new pop song, Give It, keeps listeners interested and entertained by introducing variations in her vocal delivery. The subtle and intentional break in her voice in the verse and the pre-chorus gives the delivery a particular rawness to it, which we don’t often get to hear in

An interview with rising singer songwriter SOLA

Originally from California, SOLA now based in Liverpool is a talented singer songwriter who recently released her electrifying debut single ‘Closure’. We got an opportunity to chat to her about who inspired her and what else she has planned for the future. Hello, How are you?  I'm alright, thanks! Just

Rock N Roll with Zea Sy’s ‘Been with You’

Composed with raw, unapologetic lyrics and rock n roll tunes, Zea Sy’s ‘Been with You’ is an electrifying single that keeps listeners on the edge. There comes a moment in the song where an instrumental solo takes its listeners on a blissful ride filled with striking chords and guitar rhythms.
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Experience a New Meaning of Freedom with Ari Tahan’s ‘Idiot’

Ari Tahan’s ‘Idiot’ is a vulnerable yet unapologetically fierce pop song that revolves around the singer’s past toxic relationship. It takes listeners to a vulnerable end where there is a prominent ray of hope and strength. With soulful, emotive vocals, this track is all set to win the listeners’ hearts
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Tiërny’s ‘Solid Ground’ is Where Dark and Peace Meet

Tiërny’s ‘Solid Ground’ spells melancholic pop perfection. The artist reflects on her bumpy journey and remembers how one positive soul changed her perspective of hardships. She combines powerful, heart-wrenching lyrics with emotional vocals and a catchy melody to make the song relatable and intriguing. The single talks about religion, sexuality,

Esmé Gives a Dreamy Invitation through ‘Come with Me’

Esmé’s ‘Come with Me’ invites listeners to the world of love with dreamy vocals. The track is too enchanting of a song that was created with just three cords. The lyrics revolve around being attracted to someone and enticing them to follow you. The artist pours all her individuality in

Celebrate Yourself with Rachel Huggins’ ‘Take Control’

Rachel Huggins’ single track ‘Take Control’ creates magic for the soul by fusing classic vibes of jazz and disco. This uplifting track has a mesmerizing vintage melody and inspiring lyrics that revolve around taking control of life and enjoying the freedom to live with zero inhibitions. Offering a burst of

Discover Your Other Side with Emma McGrath’s ‘Other Side’

Euphoric melody, buoyant vocals, and heartfelt lyrics – Emma McGrath’s single ‘Other Side’ is wrapped in these. With an anthem-like chorus, pounding drumbeats, and beautiful guitar tunes, it carries the listeners to a bold yet vulnerable spot. Embracing her insecurities and hesitance, Tessa talks about newfound confidence and courage that

Make the Most of Now with Ayelle’s ‘Right Now’

Dripping in passion and fervor, Ayelle’s ‘Right Now’ is an extremely touching song that speaks of careless love that knows no bounds. It’s all about living in the moment because no moment lasts forever. In this soulful song, the artist talks about lust-filled flings that might not last but are

Lyrah’s Down Low is a Delight to Hear

Are you a selfish dater? Lyrah feels you. Down Low is the perfect ditty to those of us who hold on to self-serving intentions when dating around, and the lyrics are served well by Lyrah’s flawlessly haunting vocals. Dark and yet fun, the track is atmospheric and drenched by just

Emily Chambers’ Left Alabama Has That Motown Funk You Crave

While Emily Chambers may draw inspiration from the likes of D’Angelo, Lauryn Hill and Stevie Wonder, Left Alabama is all her. The Canadian R&B singer uses her to-die-for voice to full effect in this jaunty new single, and the result is an attitude that’s all confidence. The production is superb

Dark and Light Intermingle in Allola’s Confident Debut High Horse

Allola’s confident electro-pop debut “High Horse” is a surprisingly surefooted one, with the Melbourne-based singer skating through a sparkling combination of dream-pop and electronica to create a sound that’s one-of-a-kind. Sprinkled throughout with excellent pop hooks and 80’s inspired beats as it is, it’s Allola’s perfect vocal delivery that really