Tragic Sasha Finds Solace in New Single: “Call It Even”

Tragic Sasha Finds Solace in New Single: “Call It Even”

Diving headfirst into 2024, London’s multifaceted singer-songwriter, Tragic Sasha, unveils her latest single, “Call It Even,” a poignant exploration of navigating the aftermath of a breakup while preserving inner peace. In this melodic journey, Sasha strikes a delicate balance between the desire to defend oneself and the exhaustion of engaging in conflict, ultimately opting to “call it even.”

In “Call It Even,” Sasha candidly addresses the end of a relationship, shifting the focus away from assigning blame and instead embracing acceptance. Reflecting on the song’s inspiration, Sasha shares, “‘Call It Even’ is a track about accepting the end of a relationship without focusing on who did the most damage. It’s one of the few tracks I wrote on my own and perhaps one of the easiest to write.”

Sonically, Sasha’s latest offering captivates with its atmospheric allure, weaving a dream-pop tapestry reminiscent of the ethereal sounds of The Japanese House. With her mesmerizing vocals, emotive storytelling, and distinctive musicality, Sasha sets a compelling tone for the year ahead, promising more to come in 2024.

“Call It Even” follows in the footsteps of Sasha’s recent singles, “Fishbowl” and the enchanting “Prettier in Person,” the latter of which received airplay on BBC Radio 1 and found its place on popular Spotify playlists like The Edge of Folk-Pop.

Discover more about Tragic Sasha:

Tragic Sasha, the creative alter ego of London-based artist Sasha Gurney, stands as a powerhouse figure in the music scene. Since 2015, Sasha has honed her unique blend of tongue-in-cheek alt-pop, crafting songs that resonate deeply with audiences. With a knack for producing and writing her own material alongside collaborators, Sasha has garnered significant support from online press, radio, and streaming platforms. As she gears up for the release of new music in the coming year, Sasha’s artistic journey promises to captivate listeners with its authenticity and innovation.

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