Millie Turner Unveils Mystical Journey Through ‘Venus’ on Latest Single

Millie Turner Unveils Mystical Journey Through ‘Venus’ on Latest Single

East London’s indie-pop sensation Millie Turner returns with her latest enchanting single, ‘Venus,’ marking her first release since 2021.

After a hiatus from the music scene, Millie Turner emerges with ‘Venus,’ a mesmerizing blend of ethereal melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. The track, which delves into the depths of the creative psyche, reflects Turner’s unique perspective on the physical and metaphysical world.

In ‘Venus,’ Turner explores the enigmatic concept of true beauty and femininity, drawing inspiration from the iconic figure of Venus. Through her captivating storytelling, Turner highlights the allure and complexity of femininity, emphasizing its importance in a world obsessed with superficiality.

Reflecting on the song’s inspiration, Turner shares, “Venus is a song about the creative psyche, where everything is possible, and true beauty resides. It’s a reflection on the relentless pursuit of beauty and the inherent mystery that surrounds it.”

With ‘Venus,’ Millie Turner reaffirms her position as a masterful storyteller, building on the success of her previous releases, including the acclaimed mini-album ‘Eye of the Storm’ and hit single ‘Made A Vow.’

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