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Fresh Flavours Playlist Update


It’s been a while since we updated our playlist featuring women from the UK and beyond. This update features Leith, Ally Cribb, Rachel Huggins, Cassie Marin , Edith, Lucy Eliza, Gia Lily, Tana, Lex , Noa, Mychelle and many more.



Scandipop poster girl Sigrid has always been something of a chameleon, blending into the scenery that the pop landscape demands. This, at first, was what gave her universal appeal: uncomplicated emotions, low stakes. But with How to Let Go, at last, we see beyond the major-label veneer and glimpse, at last, Sigrid. While there is something compelling about the way she fearlessly wears her torments on her sleeve, these tracks are lacking in vibrancy. “Bad Life”, featuring Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon, should be an exciting proposition but instead plays it safe to the point where the only emotion it elicits is boredom. While it’s a thrill to hear Sigrid soul-search, ultimately, the music itself is an anti-climax.

Written by Sophie Walker

CHARLI XCX releases undeniable hit drenched album CRASH


Charli XCX has made a habit of working eons ahead of the rest. Building a reputation of stretching pop to its gleaming extremes, she has always been more than a pop girl – rather, she has completely reinvented what pop means. Charli has set the bar incredibly high – for herself, let alone anyone else – and while every track on this album is laced with sugar-rush addiction, packed with undeniable hits, you can’t help but feel these disco-indebted tracks are lacking in the sense of imagination that placed Charli in a league of her own.

Words by Sophie Walker

Florence + The Machine delivers a stunning soundscape with Dance Fever.


On her fifth album, Florence Welsh holds the mirror up so close to her own face, she can see her breath on it. Named for a medieval epidemic of involuntary “dancing”, understood then to be a form of possession, choreomania is now seen as a desperate outlet of stress. In that vein, Dance Fever is an exorcism of Welsh’s own demons, but also an ode to the titanic movement and expression that has defined Welsh as an undeniable force. She writes her most confessional lyrics to date, reckoning with womanhood and self-sabotage, and melds them with butterflies-inducing soundscapes which prove that with Dance Fever, she is at the peak of her powers.

Words by Sophie Walker

ROSIE Displays Her Vocal Prowess with the Sweeping ‘Next Life’


Next Life is a stunning ballad for all the scorned lovers and people who feel misunderstood. It is a song dedicated to those who feel unseen as ROSIE’s vocals reach out with a gentle caress to embrace them through this single.

The 22-year old singer/ songwriter has truly outdone herself with this stunning yet heartbreaking song that displays emotional complexity like no other. ROSIE then pulls you right back in with a message of hope and encouragement, telling readers they are truly enough in who they really are. Next Life is one of ROSIE’s greatest releases yet, and we can’t wait to experience more of her this year.

Stream the brand new EP below

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Love You Later Takes a Dive into Her Emotional Journey with ‘Keepintouch’


Keepintouch is a true masterpiece by Love You Later, showcasing an emotional maturity as her voice drips with vulnerability and charm. This single is a carefully curated piece with soulful, deep lyrics and the perfect progression of high and low notes that gently peek into the powerful chorus.  

The alt-pop artist, Love You Later, starts this song slow, explaining the situation before delving into the pre-chorus with a shift in pitch that is sure to leave listeners stunned. The artist takes you on a true roller coaster of emotions and falsettos that will have you remembering lost love and all that ‘could have been.’

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Grace Pelle’s ‘Rainbow’ is Truly the Stuff of Dreams


Indie popsinger/songwriter, Grace Pelle, released her first single of the year ‘Rainbow’. It is an epic dance-pop anthem that instantly has one tapping their feet and moving to the groovy beats. Rainbow is dedicated to all those who bear the crushing weight of overthinking, encouraging them to let loose, have some fun, and look forward to the rainbow at the end of it all.

Rainbow is the perfect example of ‘less is more’ in Grace Pelle’s artistic expression with repeating melodies, consistent rhythms, and empowering lyrics. Grace exudes the perfect energy to draw listeners in, leaving them feeling understood and celebrated.

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Caroline Romano’s New Single ‘Dizzy’ Takes You to a Surrealist Wonderland – and You Wouldn’t Want to Ever Leave


Caroline Romano’s single Dizzy is the magic that happens when masterful songwriting is combined with impeccable instrumentation and then taken up a notch with stunning music production. After being inspired by the lyric, “All I see are bodies without faces,” Caroline Romano stepped up to tell her story, and we simply can’t get enough. At just 20-years, Caroline Romano has shown her heightened level of poignancy with her lyrics and rhythmic patterns. They have come together to create a banger that people will be listening to for months to come.

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Rosie Charles’ Lonely hits all the right notes, and strikes a chord with any listener


With a relaxed and calming beat, “Lonely” by Rosie Charles may seem like the perfect piece for a relaxed session of study or browsing online. However, like the best songs, the impeccable vibes of the melody give way to much heavier lyrics.

Echoing the feelings of everyone throughout 2020, which was riddled with lockdowns, “Lonely” is woven with themes of sorrow and, well, loneliness.

A wonderful encapsulation of the sheer boredom and hopelessness of being alone, “Lonely” is sure to strike a chord with anyone who can resonate with the feelings behind this stunning song.

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ANNA SHOEMAKER Takes the Indie World by Storm with Her Debut Album ‘Everything Is Fine (I’m Only on Fire)’


Anna Shoemaker’s new album truly lives up to its spunky, sarcastic name by offering an outpouring of catchy yet cathartic bangers that burn with passion, energy, raw emotion, and charm. The 23-year old singer kicks open the doors of this album with Until I Die,’ an intimate anthem full of pain yet still delivering perseverance. She then moves on to ‘Sorry All the Time’ and “On Me’ with her raspy voice delivering the lyrics with an emotional maturity that continues to be unfiltered.

At ‘Mariah,’ Anna enters full mayhem-mode, yelling, ‘I set all his clothes on fire!’ with her voice escalating with every note. All in all, this album is a melodramatic, lyrical high that takes listeners on a burning ride of thrill, passion, and emotions.

Stream the brand new album now

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