Claire Brooks Breaks New Ground with Latest Singles “Hibernation” and “Slowly Towards the Door”

Claire Brooks Breaks New Ground with Latest Singles “Hibernation” and “Slowly Towards the Door”

Emerging Los Angeles-born artist Claire Brooks continues to redefine musical norms with the release of her two latest singles, “Hibernation” and “Slowly Towards the Door,” now available via AWAL. Known for her genre-defying sound and innovative production, Brooks presents two unique auditory experiences that underscore her versatility and creativity as a standout new voice in the music industry.

Listen to “Hibernation” and “Slowly Towards the Door” here:

At just 24, Claire Brooks is not just a singer; she is a writer, producer, performer, and sound architect, intricately involved in every step of her creative process. Her music traverses the realms of psychedelic-indie-pop, infusing R&B vocals and raps with a sultry, jazzy flair

Brooks’ soulful voice, reminiscent of Sade, combined with her clever rap style, draws inspiration from a broad spectrum of artists such as Mac Miller, Masego, Still Woozy, and Remi Wolf. Her unique sound can be described as the perfect fusion of Amy Winehouse and Mac Miller, marked by her commitment to creating innovative and emotionally resonant music.

With her latest releases, Brooks showcases the depth of her vocal prowess through two distinct styles. “Slowly Towards the Door” offers an atmospheric blend of natural soundscapes and smooth jazz elements, featuring the soothing patter of rain and a tranquil, immersive vocal performance. In contrast, “Hibernation” channels Mac Miller’s influence while delivering a sultry R&B vibe, marked by deep grooves and soulful melodies that highlight Brooks’ ability to blend contemporary influences with her distinctive style.

A Stanford University graduate with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Brooks brings a meticulous and analytical approach to her music production, underscoring her multifaceted talent. Her engineering background enhances her precision and creativity in crafting music.

Following the success of her latest EP, “The Human Experience,” Claire Brooks solidifies her position as a dynamic force in the music industry, continually pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic landscapes.

More About Claire Brooks

Born into a family of artists in Los Angeles, Claire Brooks has been immersed in creativity from a young age. Her artistic journey began with her mother’s paintbrushes and her father’s original bedtime stories. Throughout her childhood, Brooks explored various creative outlets, from designing her own clothing to drawing on every available surface.

Her fascination with patterns and mathematics, coupled with her love for music, shapes her unique artistic vision. Brooks views music through the lens of mathematical patterns and colorful numbers, infusing her compositions with a distinct blend of creativity and precision.

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