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Taquirah Kills It with Her New Single “Feel”

With her slick bass line that perfectly complements the rhythm of the beat, Taquirah draws us into her new Lo-fi Hip hop track. That’s followed by single notes on the organ, which helps in creating a smooth flow that you can zone out too. Taquirah makes sure to jump in

Charlotte OC’s Got Us Falling for Her

Charlotte OC’s new single Falling for You is a masterful marriage between ambient indie rock and neo-funk, with clean palm-muted guitar riffs and a rock-solid groove coming from both genres. The entire song has a particularly relaxing rhythm to it that’s carefully constructed through uniformity, control, and an almost necessary

Get Dreamy with Ava in the Dark’s ‘With You’

Ava in the Dark’s ‘With You’ is a sensational song which mixes the essence of true love and heartbreaking goodbyes. This emotional track is about bidding farewell to someone you love who also broke your heart with the hope of seeing and meeting them again. It’s about the feeling of
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Experience a New Meaning of Freedom with Ari Tahan’s ‘Idiot’

Ari Tahan’s ‘Idiot’ is a vulnerable yet unapologetically fierce pop song that revolves around the singer’s past toxic relationship. It takes listeners to a vulnerable end where there is a prominent ray of hope and strength. With soulful, emotive vocals, this track is all set to win the listeners’ hearts
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Tiërny’s ‘Solid Ground’ is Where Dark and Peace Meet

Tiërny’s ‘Solid Ground’ spells melancholic pop perfection. The artist reflects on her bumpy journey and remembers how one positive soul changed her perspective of hardships. She combines powerful, heart-wrenching lyrics with emotional vocals and a catchy melody to make the song relatable and intriguing. The single talks about religion, sexuality,

Relish Folk Tunes with Alyssa Wettlaufer’s ‘Bleeding Out’

Alyssa Wettlaufer’s ‘Bleeding Out’ is an acoustic song that blends the elements of country and folk music. With slow beats, occasional choruses, and emotion-filled vocals, it touches the hearts of the listeners ever so deeply. This dark-themed track talks about keeping all hurt and grief inside instead of speaking about

Invigorate Your Soul with JNR Williams’ ‘Us in Major’

JNR Williams is all set to capture the heart and soul of listeners with his joyful lead single ‘Us in Major’. It is a heartfelt ode to life and relationships. Taking a realistic angle, the track sheds light on the hardships and challenges that accompany the fun and lively moments

Take Motivation from Char’s Self-reflective Single ‘Control’

Charlotte Brockman’s ‘Control’ is a soulful track that fuses electronic, pop, and R&B music elements. This song paints a picture of the personal struggles of the artist regarding mental health issues. Taking a self-reflective tone, she explains how she alternates between strength and vulnerability. The warm tone complements the electronic-focused

Esmé Gives a Dreamy Invitation through ‘Come with Me’

Esmé’s ‘Come with Me’ invites listeners to the world of love with dreamy vocals. The track is too enchanting of a song that was created with just three cords. The lyrics revolve around being attracted to someone and enticing them to follow you. The artist pours all her individuality in

Celebrate Yourself with Rachel Huggins’ ‘Take Control’

Rachel Huggins’ single track ‘Take Control’ creates magic for the soul by fusing classic vibes of jazz and disco. This uplifting track has a mesmerizing vintage melody and inspiring lyrics that revolve around taking control of life and enjoying the freedom to live with zero inhibitions. Offering a burst of

Revel in the Joy of Confession with Alia’s ‘Save Me’

Dark, moody, and captivating – these words describe Alia’s ‘Save Me’ the best. Laced with unveiled emotions and unrestricted tenderness, this song talks about the unfortunate, dark phase of a romantic relationship. The heart-touching lyrics, spellbinding melody, and exhilarating chorus keep the listeners hooked throughout, taking them in a world

Face the Heart-Mind Battle with Tessa Dixson’s ‘Ignited’

Tessa Dixson, in her single ‘Ignited’, gives pop music an invigorating upswing with her enchanting vocals and graceful melody. The melodious song relies on a transcendental chorus, floating chimes, and cloudy layers of a synth pad. Energized with a powerful bass line, the track is still able to hold the

RONIIT’S Visceral is a Poetic Commentary on the Human Condition

According to RONIIT herself, “Visceral’ is about the back and forth I experience between feeling hopeless and feeling endless. It’s the ups and downs, the emotional roller coaster that I’ve been riding within my mind.” That is exactly how you feel when listening to this song – RONIIT takes you

TS Grayes Honestly is a Dazzlingly Moody Ballad

It’s always exciting to see young talent sprout its wings, but TS Grayes has broken exceptional ground with ‘Honestly’, the fourth single she put out in 2018. The 18-year-old’s honey-soaked vocals add multidimensionality to the song’s incredible lyricism. The result is an electronic track that could easily be called a

Honesty at the Heart of Twilight Driving’s Dangerous

Large sounds, excellent story-telling and infectious hooks: these are the trademarks of Twilight Driving, whose heartfelt song Dangerous creates a true sense of possibility and big-eyed wonder. Introduced by a synth-influenced drum, the song leads to a rhythm that’s built around a unique vocal delivery, and takes the listener straight