Discover the Ethereal Sounds of Ella Tobin’s Debut EP: “Favourite Place To Hide”

Discover the Ethereal Sounds of Ella Tobin’s Debut EP: “Favourite Place To Hide”

London’s alternative pop scene welcomes a captivating new voice as Ella Tobin unveils her much-anticipated debut EP, “Favourite Place To Hide.” Enveloped in a celestial aura, this EP transcends the ordinary, inviting listeners into a realm of serene melodies and profound introspection.

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Featuring four enchanting tracks, including the mesmerizing single ‘Golden Hours,’ this collection is a testament to Ella’s innate talent. Each composition is delicately woven with intricate production, complementing Ella’s ethereal vocals and poignant lyrics. Despite being a newcomer, Ella Tobin asserts herself as a rising star in the music scene with this debut offering.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind ‘Golden Hours,’ Ella shares, “Golden Hours is a platonic love song for the people and places that always feel like home. It’s an ode to the precious moments spent together with your best friends where for a short while, it feels like time slows down and the world is a little lighter.”


  1. The Ghost
  2. Wanna Go Home
  3. Older
  4. Golden Hours

More About Ella Tobin…

Hailing from London, Ella Tobin is a singer-songwriter whose music seamlessly blends honest lyricism with ethereal vocals, crafting a captivating fusion of dreamy, vulnerable pop. Through her introspective songwriting, Ella navigates the complexities of emotions, offering solace and connection to listeners who resonate with her narratives.

Outside of the studio, Ella’s magnetic performances captivate audiences on both the streets and stages of London. Armed with her guitar, she invites listeners into her world, encouraging them to embrace vulnerability and find beauty in their own emotional landscapes.

Ella’s journey into the music scene began with the release of her debut single ‘The Ghost’ in October 2022, followed by ‘Wanna Go Home’ in May 2023. Garnering acclaim from BBC Introducing London and Spotify Fresh Finds UK&IE, Ella Tobin continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry.

Embrace the enchanting melodies of Ella Tobin’s ‘Favourite Place To Hide’ EP and embark on a journey of musical bliss.

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