Karina Stone Unveils Her Debut in Hazy Alt-Pop: “Afterparty”

Karina Stone Unveils Her Debut in Hazy Alt-Pop: “Afterparty”

Emerging onto the music scene with an ethereal blend of alt-pop, Karina Stone debuts her first single, “Afterparty,” today. Laden with the atmospheric aura of a late-night gathering, Stone’s poignant lyrics evoke vivid imagery, capturing the essence of youth and heartache. Released under APOLLO distribution, “Afterparty” is now available on all streaming platforms.

In “Afterparty,” Stone encapsulates the aftermath of a night out, portraying the melancholic haze and emotional aftermath of romantic entanglements. Describing it as a reflection of the “push and pull” of a complex relationship, Stone’s music delves into the raw emotions of post-party introspection.

Categorized as ‘sad pop,’ “Afterparty” resonates with its mellow, melodious sound, serving as an intimate expression straight from Stone’s personal notes. Drawing from her own life experiences, Stone’s songwriting serves as a means of documenting and processing pivotal moments in her youth.

As a fresh face in the singer-songwriter scene, Stone’s debut marks the beginning of a promising journey. With raw talent and boundless potential, she gears up for the release of her debut EP later this year.

About Karina Stone

Hailing from the North of England, Karina Stone is an alt-pop artist renowned for her melancholic lyrics and haunting melodies. With a unique storytelling approach and unapologetic honesty, Stone’s music delves into the depths of human experience, inviting listeners into her world.

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