Kayla DiVenere Ignites the Airwaves with Her Latest Single ‘Date Myself’ – A Bold Ode to Self-Love

Kayla DiVenere Ignites the Airwaves with Her Latest Single ‘Date Myself’ – A Bold Ode to Self-Love

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, some artists never fail to strike a chord with listeners, and Kayla DiVenere is certainly one of them. The 19-year-old multi-talented sensation has unveiled a brand-new single titled “Date Myself,” courtesy of Sound Factory Records.

Following up from previous tracks like “Jumping the Gun,” “Date Myself” sees Kayla diving deeper into an alt-pop realm, showcasing a sound that’s both mature and distinctively fresh. Her insightful lyrics, set against catchy melodies, evoke the myriad of emotions tied to the experiences of young adulthood.

On the subject of her new single, Kayla opens up about the challenges of navigating the dating world. “Writing ‘Date Myself’ reminded me of how beautiful it is to spend time by yourself, and the significance of maintaining high standards and self-love,” she reflects. “The cathartic experience of belting out the song after its creation has brought me more solace than any romantic relationship, and I sincerely hope it brings comfort to others who find themselves in its lyrics.”

Originating from the vibrant city of Montreal and currently residing in Los Angeles, Kayla’s passion for the arts was evident even as a child. She embarked on her acting journey at just six years old, featuring in popular TV shows like “Love Victor,” “Law & Order,” and “Light as a Feather.” But it’s not just acting where she shines; Kayla’s music career is on a meteoric rise. With a rapidly growing fanbase, over a million cumulative streams from a select number of singles, and a whopping 200K followers on social media platforms, Kayla DiVenere is undeniably a name to watch out for in the music industry.

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