Sophie Shredz Drops Dynamic Debut Video for “EYEZ ON ME”

Sophie Shredz Drops Dynamic Debut Video for “EYEZ ON ME”

The ever-evolving world of hyper-pop welcomes a fresh face with an explosive new release. Rising star SOPHIE SHREDZ, an artistic persona of the New Jersey-born, Nashville-based talent, Sophie Ruggiero, has dropped her electrifying music video for the single “EYEZ ON ME.”

Collaborating closely with director and editor MK Kopp, the music video is a vivid portrayal of SOPHIE SHREDZ’s artistic vision. “For my first video, I sought a team I was personally familiar with to bring to life a fierce and femme aesthetic,” Sophie shared about the intimate production.

The video provides viewers a peek into the unique and vibrant universe of SOPHIE SHREDZ. Showcasing her spirited personality, it embodies the song’s core sentiment of drawing attention. A highlight of the video is an intriguing all-female basement fight club. “It was an incredible experience persuading girls to join me for a 4-hour basement fight scene. It felt like the kind of unexpected adventure I’d find myself in,” Sophie remarked with a chuckle.

Sophie Ruggiero, the talent behind SOPHIE SHREDZ, grew up tuning into the tunes of rock legends such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Heart. She was strumming the guitar by the tender age of seven. While hyper-pop’s experimental electronic sound dominates her current musical direction, echoes of classic rock resonate through her music, evident in her intense guitar solos and robust percussion.

With her audacious approach, SOPHIE SHREDZ is rewriting the rulebook on being a contemporary pop sensation. Openly queer and a staunch advocate for women’s empowerment, she delivers music infused with her personal journeys and artistic evolution, making it genuine and resonant. Sophie aspires to inspire her listeners, aiming to kindle their dreams and amplify their self-assuredness.

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