Gabriela Bee Drops Debut Single: A Tribute to New Beginnings

Gabriela Bee Drops Debut Single: A Tribute to New Beginnings

Viral pop icon Gabriela Bee unveils her inaugural single, ‘Look At You Now’. Already amassing a wave of anticipation from online teaser videos, this track isn’t just a testament to Gabriela’s sublime vocals but symbolizes a turning point in her artistic journey.

Having already captured hearts with her remarkable social media traction, boasting 1M followers on Instagram and an astounding 10M on TikTok, Gabriela proves there’s still a trove of talent waiting to be shared. ‘Look At You Now’ is her channel to relay this to her legion of fans.

Dive into the song’s melodies here :

The artist opens up about the song’s intimate meaning. “LOOK AT YOU NOW is a serenade to my younger self. It’s a beacon of protection and a reminder that everything unfolds as it should. The gentleness in the song mirrors how one would address a child, underlining moments of youthful vulnerability,” shares Gabriela.

Experience the depth of her words in the Official Lyric Video.

From a young age, music has been the tapestry of Gabriela’s life. Sharing covers and originals online from 12, and collaborating with Grammy-lauded producers, her current release is a pinnacle moment, underscoring her dedication and commitment to music.

At just 17, Gabriela exudes an artistry beyond her years in ‘Look At You Now’. The song’s emotive core pays tribute to the catalyst of her success: her younger self.

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