Eden Rain debuts new single ”Pet Names”

Eden Rain debuts new single ”Pet Names”

The imaginative and talented Eden Rain, originally hailing from Leeds, has unveiled her latest offering – the evocative and poignant single “Pet Names”. This fresh release reveals a serene, dreamy facet of her musical journey, standing apart from her earlier works.

Rain’s songs, famed for their narrative depth, often take inspiration from those she holds dear. Her introspective, heartfelt lyrics are what make her music so relatable. With “Pet Names”, Eden further sketches out the intricate tapestry of her life and experiences. Her artful lyrical craftsmanship paints tangible images, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Speaking on the significance of this song, Eden remarked, “’Pet Names’ was born from a place of vulnerability. It’s about those moments when you feel undeserving of the love and kindness you receive, even feeling somewhat out of place. The title ‘Pet Names’ is a playful nod to how sometimes, I can be quite the handful – much like a pocket pet.”

In this song, Eden’s voice undeniably steals the spotlight, echoing with a warmth and mellowness that captivates.

This recent release joins the ranks of her prior singles ‘I Found My Brain’ and ‘Terry and Julie’, which garnered praise from reputed platforms like The Line of Best Fit, Clash Magazine, DIY, and Wonderland. With the industry abuzz about this distinct artist, the future certainly looks promising for Rain.

Fans in London and Leeds are in for a treat, as Eden is set to headline at The Lower Third on 14th November and Leeds Oporto on 23rd November.

Tickets can be purchased for the London show here and for the Leeds show here

A Peek Into Eden Rain’s Journey

Born and bred in Yorkshire, Eden humorously refers to her early musical memories as a “Von Trapp vibe”. Her formative years were marked by delightful family sing-alongs and a deep bond with music. Eden’s initial foray into the world of music was a rendition of Carole King’s ‘You’ve Got A Friend’ at a talent show when she was 13. This sparked her passion for songwriting and music creation.

Her path to establishing herself as a compelling artist wasn’t always straightforward. Eden mentions trying to mold herself into existing niches but found authenticity in embracing her unique quirks. She emphasizes, “I wanted my music to be a true reflection of who I am, even if it’s a bit rough around the edges.”

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