ELI Kicks It Up a Notch with Her Variation in Rather Be

In her new single, Rather Be, ELI kicks it up a notch with the amount of variation she brings in a song. The track begins with a beautiful acoustic guitar riff that’s plucked with crisp tenderness that gives the song a particular rawness to it. This is enhanced even more

Introspect with Beth Duck’s Nomophobia

In only about three minutes, Beth Duck brings light to something that, perhaps, a lot of us struggle with: spending time away from our phones. Duck’s Nomophobia is an excellent example of how certain subtle complexities in pop music manage to arrest and hold our attention. One of these subtleties

Relish Folk Tunes with Alyssa Wettlaufer’s ‘Bleeding Out’

Alyssa Wettlaufer’s ‘Bleeding Out’ is an acoustic song that blends the elements of country and folk music. With slow beats, occasional choruses, and emotion-filled vocals, it touches the hearts of the listeners ever so deeply. This dark-themed track talks about keeping all hurt and grief inside instead of speaking about

Take a Step Closer to Modern Melodies with Inbal’s ‘One Step’

Inbal’s ‘One Step’ is a brilliant piece of music featuring modern melodies and sublime vocals. This imaginative track is all set to tell a tale of new beginnings and the insecurities that tag along. Inspired by the dynamics of the initial stages of a romantic relationship, she keeps the lyrics

Revel in the Joy of Confession with Alia’s ‘Save Me’

Dark, moody, and captivating – these words describe Alia’s ‘Save Me’ the best. Laced with unveiled emotions and unrestricted tenderness, this song talks about the unfortunate, dark phase of a romantic relationship. The heart-touching lyrics, spellbinding melody, and exhilarating chorus keep the listeners hooked throughout, taking them in a world

I am Karate’s Work it Out is an Energetic Club Hit

Swedish duo I am Karate is bonafide electric. Self-produced single Work it Out is a work of marvelous energy defined by snappy drums, gorgeous vocals, flavors of synthpop and sophisticated production. The song makes relationship problems sound like a breeze in the park, with a soundscape fairly dripping with technicolor

Honesty at the Heart of Twilight Driving’s Dangerous

Large sounds, excellent story-telling and infectious hooks: these are the trademarks of Twilight Driving, whose heartfelt song Dangerous creates a true sense of possibility and big-eyed wonder. Introduced by a synth-influenced drum, the song leads to a rhythm that’s built around a unique vocal delivery, and takes the listener straight

James Supercave’s Compelling Video Fools Examines the Nature of Choice

Are you in the driving seat? That’s the retrospection James Supercave’s “Fool” gently invites you to with an atmospheric video that offers quiet social commentary. Building on a simple beat, clever bass riffs and subtle synths, the song manages to create a gorgeous soundscape that sucks the listener right in.

Optimism at the Heart of WAHL’s Lush Run in the Fire

WAHL’s 'Run in the Fire' simple and feel-good lyrics are elevated by singer Rachel Still’s phenomenally rich voice, one that recalls Florence Walsh from Florence + The Machine. The song manages that tricky feat of making a multi-layered piece sound organic; it’s expansive, but feels whole despite its subtle complexity.