Introspect with Beth Duck’s Nomophobia

Introspect with Beth Duck’s Nomophobia

In only about three minutes, Beth Duck brings light to something that, perhaps, a lot of us struggle with: spending time away from our phones. Duck’s Nomophobia is an excellent example of how certain subtle complexities in pop music manage to arrest and hold our attention. One of these subtleties is the play in dynamics. By this, we mean that the volume and power of both the arrangement and her voice complement the lyrics. The verse is quieter, and the hats of the drums are in 8th notes, as she introspects her fear. However, she’s almost battling with herself in the chorus—and that’s when her voice and the arrangement are louder, augmenting the struggle the lyrics discuss. Perhaps all of us should take a pause, like Duck does in the outro, and think about where we stand on this prevalent issue.

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