Japan, Man Unveils New Single “Overdid It” and Announces Debut Album “Metropolis”

Japan, Man Unveils New Single “Overdid It” and Announces Debut Album “Metropolis”

In a burst of groovy alt-pop brilliance, Japan, Man has just dropped their latest single, “Overdid It,” a playful break-up anthem that adds a touch of self-deprecating charm to the world of music. The release of this single comes hand in hand with the thrilling announcement of their debut album, “Metropolis,” set to grace our ears on October 18th via +1 Records, known for housing talents such as Anna of The North and Rejjie Snow.

“Overdid It” is a cheeky exploration of what it means to, well, overdo it in a relationship, or as front woman Laeticia of Japan, Man aptly describes it, “situation-ship.” The track masterfully combines Japan, Man’s signature groovy vibes with Laeticia’s ironic take on the trials and tribulations of love. It’s a charming and reflective teaser, offering a sneak peek into what the full album, “Metropolis,” has in store.

Laeticia herself sheds some light on the inspiration behind the track, sharing, “I think we all try to remove ourselves from the category of being an ’emotional’ or ‘sensitive’ person these days. I think we all internalize this and try to be as unbothered and as nonchalant as possible, but we all end up forgetting how significant our tendencies to over-love, over-care, overcomplicate, and over-feel really are when intimacy and romantic passion enter the picture, and that’s completely normal and definitely what I was feeling while writing the song.”

With a dash of sass and arrogance, “Overdid It” stands out from Japan, Man’s usual lyrical tone, showcasing Laeticia’s playful side as she takes an ironic approach to the subject matter. The song captures the essence of youthful exuberance mixed with the complexities of love and relationships, making it an instant favorite among fans.

“Overdid It” marks the fourth single release leading up to the highly anticipated “Metropolis” album. It follows the dreamy and introspective track “Wormhole,” which Laeticia wrote at the tender age of 15, expressing her fears of rejection. Earlier this year, Japan, Man laid the foundation for the album with the release of “Air Conditioner,” their first single since the debut EP “Bad Days” in 2020. The funk-infused “Nowhere To Hide” also arrived recently, adding to a growing list of effortlessly unique singles that have garnered acclaim from publications like Colors x Studio, Variance Mag, Wonderland, and DIY magazine.

Japan, Man, a groundbreaking alt-pop project, is led by the talented Laeticia Acra, who originally hails from Lebanon and now calls London home. Launched with the debut single “Stop Staring'” in 2019, when Laeticia was just 14 years old, Japan, Man has carved out a distinctive style characterized by captivating melodies, funk-laden basslines, and expert songwriting. Their debut EP, “Bad Days,” released in 2020, earned them praise from respected outlets such as The Fader, i-D, PAPER, Gorilla vs Bear, COLORS, Dork, and V mag.

Now, as Japan, Man enters its second chapter, with over a million streams under their belt, Laeticia’s life experiences have enriched her songwriting, pushing the project to evolve even further. Collaborating with her uncle, Julian Cassia, who handles production duties, Japan, Man draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, including The Cardigans, Sir Chloe, Cannons, and Radiohead.

Japan, Man is unquestionably a special project on the rise, poised to make a significant impact in the world of alt-pop. With their debut album, “Metropolis,” just around the corner, they are a must-watch act for the year, and fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating the release on October 18th.

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