Izzy S.O’s Latest Single ‘Without You I Don’t Like Sundays’ Empowers Healing and Self-Discovery Post-Breakup

Izzy S.O’s Latest Single ‘Without You I Don’t Like Sundays’ Empowers Healing and Self-Discovery Post-Breakup

In her latest single, ‘Without You I Don’t Like Sundays,’ Izzy S.O delves into the journey of rebuilding one’s life after a breakup. This empowering track assures listeners that they don’t have to face this uphill battle alone.

Izzy S.O shared her inspiration behind the song, explaining that it’s all about piecing your life together after a major change. It encapsulates the apprehension that arises when you’re forced to confront yourself. The song’s message emphasizes that you are more than the sum of the people in your life. It encourages you to enjoy a solo Sunday, whether it’s buying a delightful book along the Southbank or sipping coffee in a cozy cafe. It reminds you that you can create your own sense of security.

‘Without You I Don’t Like Sundays’ follows hot on the heels of Izzy’s previous release, ‘Silly Me,’ which garnered praise for its infectious energy, bold guitar riffs, and cathartic songwriting. Publications like Fizzy Mag, Ones To Watch, and Clash even drew comparisons to iconic artists like Garbage and Alanis Morissette.

Born in the West Midlands, Izzy S.O’s creative journey began with poetry as an outlet for her emotions and experiences. Eventually, this evolved into songwriting, particularly during the pandemic when she collaborated with producer Dustin Dooley. It was during this time that Izzy honed her distinctive sound, which now straddles the lines of alt-pop, pop-rock, and indie. Her influences include female musical legends like Alanis Morissette, Mazzy Star, and Avril Lavigne. Izzy’s authentic expression and emotionally charged songwriting provide the perfect soundtrack for healing.

With exciting projects on the horizon, Izzy S.O is an artist to watch closely in the coming year.

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