Indie pop

Laur Gives Us a Beautiful Aural Experience with Wallflower

Laur Elle, with her new track,Wallflower, provides listeners an aural experience that you can get lost in – in a good, of course. She achieves this by including delay in her vocal track, keyboard pads that provide an atmospheric effect, and vocal texturing – if you listen carefully, you’ll hear

Sabrina Shows Us What She’s Made of In Her New Track

In Sabrina’s new track, Losing Sleep, she showcases her exquisite command on her vocal register. In the verses, her vocals stay in a low octave, which is pulled off superbly, as the notes are clear and still powerful. This is in direct contrast to the high notes in the chorus,

Introducing dream pop songstress Ocean and the Waves

Ocean and the Waves, who's name was inspired by Oceans island upbringing in Spain and her Aquarian zodiac sign, is a dream pop act currently based in London. Originally breaking the scene with an anthem for her generation "Golden Kids", Ocean has been releasing music since May 2019. She started

Zeplyn: A diverse pop artist on the rise.

Hertfordshire native, Zeplyn has been building her solo career as a talented Pop Singer since the release of her first single in July last year. Influenced by music both new and old, Zeplyn aspires to perform songs that speak to fans across the musical spectrum. Her signature style has become

Aeora – A Breath of Fresh Air in Modern Music

Aeora, in her new pop song, Give It, keeps listeners interested and entertained by introducing variations in her vocal delivery. The subtle and intentional break in her voice in the verse and the pre-chorus gives the delivery a particular rawness to it, which we don’t often get to hear in

Shaefri Cleverly Uses Space to Enhance a Lyrical Journey

Shaefri’s new single, Girl, is the perfect example of how space is used as a tool to enhance a lyrical journey within a particular song. There are three major parts in the song: the verse, the pre-chorus, and the chorus. The verse discusses the artist’s thoughts to try and be

Why Is Variation in Song Structure a Good Thing?

On your first listen, you may conclude that SIIGHTS’s track, Shoulda Been, is a conventional pop song, with a melody and rhythm that’ll make you want to tap your feet and well-placed bass-drops that keeps things interesting. However, upon greater inspection, you’ll learn that Shoulda Been doesn’t have a neatly
Champagne Nights Out

Music Is Constantly Evolving, and Irini Mando Shows Us How

Irini Mando does something particularly interesting with her new single, Champagne Nights Out, by including certain elements from other genres into her pop song. The overall vibe of the song almost replicates that of a low-fi song, with low dynamics that can help you either stay relaxed or stay focused
Lili Caseley

Lili Caseley Talks About Life in Her Own Unique Way

Lili Caseley’s new pop song C’est La Vie is very purposefully groovy; it contains a touch of youthful acceptance and it’s almost hopeful in the way it talks about loss. This seems intentional to complement her acceptance of a possibly lost love. What makes Caseley’s song exceptionally unique is the

Get Dreamy with Ava in the Dark’s ‘With You’

Ava in the Dark’s ‘With You’ is a sensational song which mixes the essence of true love and heartbreaking goodbyes. This emotional track is about bidding farewell to someone you love who also broke your heart with the hope of seeing and meeting them again. It’s about the feeling of

Crossing the Fine Line with Sky Keller’s ‘Platonic’

Featuring Sky Keller’s enchanting voice, ‘Platonic’ is an exciting addition in the new generation’s love anthem list. The simple yet gripping lyrics of the pop track have done justice to audacious, one-sided platonic love. The entrancing tune invites the listeners to hum to its beat. Talking about the delicate phase

Ride a Rollercoaster of Emotions with Lizzy Land’s ‘Braids’

Lizzy Land’s ‘Braids’ is a billowing track that takes the listeners on a journey of self-exploration and self-understanding. Featuring gratifying tunes and overwhelming lyrics, the song portrays timid, shrinking self in a way that is beyond amazing. It hits the right mind and heartstrings by talking about the way people