Natalie Shay Provides Her Listeners with a Modern Take on an Old form of Music

Naked by Natalie Shay gives us the opportunity to listen to a modern version of 80s pop-rock. We’re talking keyboard pads, and loud drums with a low and powerful snare with high reverb. What’s more, you’ll find a percussive element in 16th notes in the rhythm, giving the chorus an upbeat vibe, even though there’s no alteration in the tempo. This moment in the song is even more satisfying because it’s built-up by the tension created in the prechorus – i.e., the use of kick beats in successive eight notes and keys to accompany that. This technique is also used in the bridge, as the artist builds tension through repetitive vocals, which is followed by block dynamics (an abrupt shift in volume) as the chorus kicks into an even more powerful version of the previous choruses.

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