ANNA SHOEMAKER Takes the Indie World by Storm with Her Debut Album ‘Everything Is Fine (I’m Only on Fire)’

Anna Shoemaker’s new album truly lives up to its spunky, sarcastic name by offering an outpouring of catchy yet cathartic bangers that burn with passion, energy, raw emotion, and charm. The 23-year old singer kicks open the doors of this album with Until I Die,’ an intimate anthem full of pain yet still delivering perseverance. She then moves on to ‘Sorry All the Time’ and “On Me’ with her raspy voice delivering the lyrics with an emotional maturity that continues to be unfiltered.

At ‘Mariah,’ Anna enters full mayhem-mode, yelling, ‘I set all his clothes on fire!’ with her voice escalating with every note. All in all, this album is a melodramatic, lyrical high that takes listeners on a burning ride of thrill, passion, and emotions.

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