Why Is Variation in Song Structure a Good Thing?

Why Is Variation in Song Structure a Good Thing?

On your first listen, you may conclude that SIIGHTS’s track, Shoulda Been, is a conventional pop song, with a melody and rhythm that’ll make you want to tap your feet and well-placed bass-drops that keeps things interesting. However, upon greater inspection, you’ll learn that Shoulda Been doesn’t have a neatly packed structure. The second verse is starkly different from the first one. It’s performed by a different vocalist who’s accompanied by a minimalist arrangement, which is perhaps done to allow listeners a better opportunity to register the lyrics. What’s more, the second bar of the second verse uses the lyrics from the first pre-chorus (which is where the first bass-drop occurs), and the second pre-chorus uses the lyrics from the chorus (which is where the second bass-drop occurs). SIIGHTS shows us how a little variation in a song’s structure can bring a whole new level of complexity to it.

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