What Does Kiki’s Music Feel Like?

What Does Kiki’s Music Feel Like?

The track, Feels Like, from Kiki’s new EP, Motives, is a great example of how a shift in musical dynamics and the intensity of the vocal arrangements can keep listeners wanting more. What makes this feat even more captivating is that the song’s rhythm is more or less uniform throughout. The song begins with low dynamics, and then seesaws uniformly between the two verses and choruses. And things really change up when the bridge goes into a synth-induced atmospheric silence, only to be disrupted with an abrupt – but welcoming –intensity in the outro. In this case, we’re obviously referring to the overdubbed vocal track that showcases Kiki’s incredible vocal range. And soon after that powerful outro, we’re left with almost 40 seconds of pulsating calmness, which seemingly replicates a quick heartbeat after an intense thought.

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