Music Is Constantly Evolving, and Irini Mando Shows Us How

Irini Mando does something particularly interesting with her new single, Champagne Nights Out, by including certain elements from other genres into her pop song. The overall vibe of the song almost replicates that of a low-fi song, with low dynamics that can help you either stay relaxed or stay focused on a certain task. She takes this further in the bridge – which also transitions into the outro – by including a characteristic that’s commonly found in house music. We’re talking about how each rhythmic element is gradually introduced after a bar. The bridge begins with just an atmospheric melody and a shakers effect. This is then accompanied by a backbeat, which then transitions into a full groove. Mando’s single, if anything, is an excellent example of how music is constantly evolving – and that’s definitely one of the reasons why we love it so much.

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