Experience a New Meaning of Freedom with Ari Tahan’s ‘Idiot’

Experience a New Meaning of Freedom with Ari Tahan’s ‘Idiot’

Ari Tahan’s ‘Idiot’ is a vulnerable yet unapologetically fierce pop song that revolves around the singer’s past toxic relationship. It takes listeners to a vulnerable end where there is a prominent ray of hope and strength. With soulful, emotive vocals, this track is all set to win the listeners’ hearts and leave them full of empathy or resonance. In this song, the artist admits that the toxic relationship built on the pillars of nothing but lies left her shattered and low on self-esteem. She felt insecure, isolated, and insufficient throughout and after the relationship. Now that she has freed herself from that ‘idiot’, she has realized her self-worth. She has let go of the baseless insecurities and is ready to enjoy life. With raw lyrics and heartfelt composition, this track keeps the listeners captivated throughout. 

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