Caroline Romano Unveils the Raw Power of “Used by You”: A New Alt-Pop Anthem

Caroline Romano Unveils the Raw Power of “Used by You”: A New Alt-Pop Anthem

Emerging as a rising force in the realm of alternative pop, Caroline Romano makes a triumphant return with her latest single, “Used by You.”

In a series of recent releases including “girl in a china shop,” “Tell Her I Said Hi,” and now “Used by You,” Caroline has showcased a bold evolution in her sound, seamlessly blending her innate pop sensibilities with the dynamic instrumentation of alt-rock. Yet amidst this sonic transformation, Caroline’s commitment to authentic storytelling remains unwavering. With “Used by You,” she paints a poignant picture of unrequited love, underscored by melodic guitars and anthemic percussion.

Reflecting on the track, Caroline shares, “If I had to sum up ‘Used by You’ in one word, it would be brutal. It’s raw, honest, and unfiltered. It delves into the complexities of unreciprocated affection, portraying the willingness to go to great lengths for someone who won’t even take a step for you. It encapsulates the fear of losing someone so deeply that you’d sacrifice your own identity to hold onto them. In the spirit of honesty, however daunting, this is ‘Used by You.'”

At just 22 years old, Caroline Romano, based in Nashville, has already solidified herself as a versatile artist, effortlessly navigating between introspective ballads and fiery alt-rock anthems. Through her candid songwriting, she immortalizes the highs and lows of youth, resonating deeply with fans and tastemakers alike.

In 2022, Caroline unveiled her highly-anticipated debut album, “Oddities and Prodigies,” featuring 16 tracks that captivated audiences. Following this release, she treated fans to her 2023 EP, “A Brief Epic,” a six-track project delving into themes of love and loss. With each subsequent single, Caroline continues to peel back new layers of her artistry, showcasing her most confident and authentic work to date. Garnering millions of streams already, and with more music slated for release in 2024, Caroline Romano stands as an artist whose trajectory knows no bounds. Keep an eye on this rising star as her journey unfolds.

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