Taquirah Kills It with Her New Single “Feel”

Taquirah Kills It with Her New Single “Feel”

With her slick bass line that perfectly complements the rhythm of the beat, Taquirah draws us into her new Lo-fi Hip hop track. That’s followed by single notes on the organ, which helps in creating a smooth flow that you can zone out too. Taquirah makes sure to jump in only after the music takes you in its grip, allowing you to get in the right mood for what’s to come. And, boy, her vocals don’t disappoint. They’ve got this rawness to it, which gives the music a certain sense of earnestness and power to it – something that can be difficult to find in a lot of contemporary music. If Taquirah continues to kill it like this, we can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next!

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