Lissy Taylor: Indie Music’s Rising Star Takes Center Stage with “Minds A Riot”

Lissy Taylor: Indie Music’s Rising Star Takes Center Stage with “Minds A Riot”

In the ever-changing landscape of indie music, a bright new star is emerging, and her name is Lissy Taylor. Possessing a sound that encapsulates the very essence of indie music’s rebellious spirit and an undeniable talent, Taylor is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene. Her latest release, “Feel For Me,” has garnered accolades from industry heavyweights, signaling her readiness to make her mark in the world of indie music.

Nels Hylton of BBC Radio 1 has showered Taylor with praise, proclaiming, “This is what new indie music is all about.” Similarly, Skin Skunkanansie OBE, known for her contributions to Absolute Radio, lauded Taylor’s work as “quite excellent,” with a special nod to the track “Quiet Rage.” John Kennedy of Radio X added his voice to the chorus of admiration, declaring, “Living up to the name, this is Fierce.”

At the heart of Taylor’s musical journey is her latest creation, “Minds A Riot,” a track that was meticulously recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios. The song delves deep into the tumultuous chaos of life, exploring the turmoil of racing thoughts that seem never-ending, like a pressure cooker filled with hopes and dreams. “Minds A Riot” serves as a powerful anthem against the negative inner thoughts that often plague our minds. It delves into the isolating experience of feeling overwhelmed, where the depths of one’s thoughts and emotions become nearly impossible for others to comprehend, as movingly conveyed in the lyric, “you’ll never know because you’ll never try it.”

The song goes further, exploring the tendency to wear a mask to hide one’s true emotions, driven by societal pressures to conform and please others. On a deeper level, Taylor’s lyric “Love is pain and pain is art” skillfully captures the delicate balance between beauty and struggle, vulnerability and trust, and the inherent risks embedded in love. “Minds A Riot” is a musical odyssey that unravels the complexities of our most inner, conflicting, and overwhelming thoughts.

Taylor’s venture into indie-rock with “Minds A Riot” underscores the enduring strength of her songwriting, earning her the privilege of recording at Abbey Road Studios, a sacred space for music enthusiasts. Producer Tayte Nickols, recognizing Taylor’s exceptional talent, extended the invitation, resulting in a recording that exudes artistic authenticity. Complementing the track is a documentary-style video, filmed during the studio session and featuring photography by Paul Gallagher, offering a deeper glimpse into Taylor’s creative process.

Lissy Taylor’s music has found a receptive audience on the airwaves, receiving airplay on prestigious platforms including BBC Radio 1, BBC RADIO 2, Absolute Radio’s “Skin Show,” Radio X, and earning a coveted spot on the Xposure playlist. Her last single, “FEEL FOR ME,” released on July 21, 2023, has achieved significant success, securing spots on six editorial Spotify playlists, including “New Music Friday,” “Pulp,” “Shockwave,” “Fresh Finds UK & IE,” “Proper Belters,” and “That Indie Girl.”

Originally hailing from Stoke and influenced by her experiences living in the USA (2015-2017) and Manchester (2017-2020), Lissy Taylor’s musical evolution has been shaped by her immersion in diverse music scenes. Her transition toward indie rock was marked by her single “QUIET RAGE” from her second EP, “Undercurrent,” released in 2021. This transformation led to a series of notable achievements, including a memorable debut performance on Sky TV’s “Live From The Edge,” a successful UK Headline tour, and selection as “BIG in 22” by national promoters This Feeling.

The year 2022 witnessed the release of four additional singles, namely “YOUNG,” “HEALER,” “SHE’S A STUNNER,” and “FIERCE,” further cementing Taylor’s status as a rising star in the indie music landscape. She graced the stages of the YNot Festival and Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium, where she performed ahead of the Champions League game against Sevilla. In 2023, she continued her ascent, sharing stages with noteworthy acts including The Lottery Winners, New Rules, Tommy LeFroy, The Skylights, Rianne Downey, The Blue Tones, and Tom Hingley. Taylor concluded her second UK tour in May 2023, organized by This Feeling, and made her debut performance at The Isle of Wight Festival, leaving an indelible mark on the live music circuit.

As Lissy Taylor’s star continues to ascend, her music resonates with audiences worldwide. With “Minds A Riot” and an impressive body of work, she stands poised to become a prominent figure in the indie music landscape. Her talent, authenticity, and unwavering dedication to her craft mark her as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. As she continues to captivate audiences and conquer the scene, Lissy Taylor’s journey is one that promises to be a captivating and enduring musical odyssey.

Abbey Road Photo – PAUL GALLAGHER

Lower Third gig photo – STEVE HOLDWAY

Single Artwork – PAUL GALLAGHER

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