Lauren Dejey Drops Electrifying New Single “Permanent,” Featuring JUST OSKA – A Reflection on Modern Love

Lauren Dejey Drops Electrifying New Single “Permanent,” Featuring JUST OSKA – A Reflection on Modern Love

Emerging South East London artist, Lauren Dejey, is back on the music scene with her stunning new single “Permanent,” featuring a sensational collaboration with JUST OSKA. Veering towards a more electronic approach, the track immerses listeners in a lively blend of dance-pop beats and animated audio distortion, marking a sparkling addition to Dejey’s versatile repertoire.

“Permanent” is a testament to the combined creativity and talent of Dejey and JUST OSKA, brought to life with the help of the writing and production team Spacemen. The single showcases an infectious, uptempo melody and beat, exemplifying the artists’ broad musical range. The harmonious blend of Lauren and Oska’s vocals creates a sound rich in emotion, encapsulating the complexities and anxieties of experiencing love in one’s twenties.

Delving into the inspiration behind “Permanent,” Lauren shares that the song is a “magnetic collaboration written about the confusing dance of modern love, coming in when you least expect it.” The track imparts a sense of intimacy and affection, as it navigates through Lauren’s personal experiences of finding and exploring love in contemporary society. It resonates with a generation caught in the uncertainties of their relationships, teetering between permanence and temporariness.

JUST OSKA echoes this sentiment, noting that “The song highlights the anxieties around falling in love when you’re twenty-something and the complications of modern-day co-dependence.”

Earlier this year, Lauren set the stage with the release of two captivating singles, “Solar” and “I’m Not Ready,” both of which received considerable praise and support. With “Permanent,” she continues to solidify her presence as a versatile and innovative force in today’s music scene.

This electrifying new release is sure to be a hit among fans and critics alike, as Lauren Dejey and JUST OSKA skillfully combine their talents to explore the intricate dance of love in the modern age.

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