Gen Z Trailblazer Ūla Drops Fiery New Single “SCANDAL”, Elevating Bubblegum Grunge to Global Audiences

Gen Z Trailblazer Ūla Drops Fiery New Single “SCANDAL”, Elevating Bubblegum Grunge to Global Audiences

Emerging from the vibrant tapestry of music genres, Lithuanian-Australian artist Ūla, known for her vivacious spirit and unique edge, has unveiled her latest single, “SCANDAL”. The track, a symphony of fiery angst and rambunctious energy, is a testament to Ūla’s pioneering influence in the neo-pop genre, Bubblegum Grunge.

Drawing on a rich palette of influences, from 80’s rock and traditional Lithuanian folk music to Gen Z’s eclectic taste, Ūla’s sound is an audacious blend of pop and punk. “SCANDAL”, infused with high octane pop-punk vibes and reminiscent of early 2000’s sensations Le Tigre and CSS, is poised to be the next Riot grrrl anthem.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “SCANDAL”, Ūla shares, “It’s about being bored and wanting to start some drama. You don’t always have to be looking for love, sometimes you need to just have some fun.”

Born and raised in Sydney, Ūla’s music resonates with a wide spectrum of audiences, bolstered by her authentic and empowering attitude. The artist, who initiated her journey in the world of street busking, achieved widespread recognition with her debut track “Futon” in 2020, amassing over 30 million global streams.

Ūla’s captivating aesthetic, a visual homage to Y2K fashion coupled with her Bubblegum Grunge sound, has garnered over 1.5 million engaged followers. Her diverse musical influences, including 2000’s pop-punk, indie rock, and nu-metal, contribute to her distinctive style. When asked about her musical identity, Ūla remarked, “I think I’m overly ambitious to compensate for the mundane; I’m very conscious of steering clear of becoming a carbon copy of another musician.”

In 2022, Ūla provided a glimpse into her debut EP with the release of “gold star”, a track that addressed the pressures of social media stardom and garnered widespread acclaim. Ūla, who is signed to boutique agency Flagrant Artist Management, continues to lead the new wave of alt-pop, receiving recognition for singles like “Ctrl Alt Delete” and “god complex”

With the release of “SCANDAL”, Ūla further cements her position as a rising star in the alt-pop scene, showcasing her ability to create trailblazing soundscapes and connect with a global audience. The single is a confirmation that Ūla is indeed an industry one-to-watch, keeping the momentum going and continuing to push the boundaries of musical expression.

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