An interview with rising London based R&B artist CHAR.

An interview with rising London based R&B artist CHAR.

CHAR is a singer-songwriter Berkshire born, now London based. Her music delves into her personal struggles with mental health and exists on a sliding scale between strength and vulnerability, in a self-reflective tone. CHAR’s style is warm R&B with melodic contemporary pop influences. We sat down to speak to CHAR about her new music and what she has been doing during these very uncertain times.

Hello, How are you?

Honestly – I am quite overwhelmed at the moment, we are in difficult and uncertain times and I feel very sensitive to lots of people struggling in various ways. However, I am optimistic, I think we are all more resilient and stronger when we can come together and be kind to one another. We need to look after our own mental health and those around us now more than ever. Sorry for the long answer but I think far too often we say ‘I’m fine’ and were doing ourselves and other a disservice. Ps. Thank you for asking <3 x

At what point did you realize that you wanted to pursue your music career?

Sounds cliché but I don’t remember a time where I wasn’t singing or putting on shows. It’s always been a part of me it was just a matter of timing. I knew I still wanted to finish A Levels and go to University so it was after then properly. I’ll always wonder where i’d be if I started seriously pursuing earlier but I don’t have any regrets.

Which artists really inspired you ?

Strong female vocalists such as; Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Adele and more recently artists such as Dua Lipa, NAO and H.E.R

What have been your biggest achievements thus far ?

I’d say my recent/upcoming shows! I was so proud to have been asked to headline my first gig at 93 Feet East, then for the lovely team at FAVE Sounds and although it has been postponed I have been asked to headline the O2 Academy2 Islington – can’t wait!

What would you say are your biggest challenges at this stage?

Getting my music out there to as many people as possible. It is no secret that the music industry is a competitive one but it can be very difficult as an independent artist to break through alone.

Do you ever feel pressured to conform to what everyone else is doing?

I don’t feel pressured no, I think if anything there is a pressure to be as different as possible yet this can be paradoxical to the notion of staying true to yourself. Like most things I think it’s about finding a balance, where you I push myself out of my comfort zone whilst still being authentic.

Name the five tracks that you are loving right now?

CHAR – Same Again (hehe), Dua Lipa – Boys Will Be Boys,

RAYE – Please Don’t Touch,

Maribou State – Mother,

Col3trane – Good News

Do you have any music/ projects out right now that you would like to share?

I do yes! My new single ‘Same Again’ is out now!

You can stream it here

and there is also a music video to watch too

What is the record about?

‘Same Again’ is about the cyclic repetitive behaviour we often find ourselves trapped in, not considering the effects of doing the same thing again and again, and expecting a different result – whether it’s going back to that one person time and time again, or repeating the same night out over and over again. The track is a bit of hard nudge for me, but there’s also a self-soothing aspect to the track, where I’m saying ‘let’s not beat ourselves up too much’, because life is already tricky enough to navigate through as it is.

During self- Isolation, what are the things that you will be doing that you haven’t had a chance to do?

A room clear out/tidy (so therapeutic), learn the keyboard (or at least try to haha) and make my way through a few unread books (because why not!)

What was the best piece of advice you have ever received?

There are lots of quotes I have taken in, I like that vulnerability is not weakness and ‘this too shall pass’ – it’s very apt in our current times

What are your future plans?

To work with lots of different people, expand my sound and keep playing live!

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