I am Karate’s Work it Out is an Energetic Club Hit

Swedish duo I am Karate is bonafide electric. Self-produced single Work it Out is a work of marvelous energy defined by snappy drums, gorgeous vocals, flavors of synthpop and sophisticated production. The song makes relationship problems sound like a breeze in the park, with a soundscape fairly dripping with technicolor

STORME’s Be My Drummer Recalls Robyn in All the Right Ways

STORME’s dramatic and infectious single “Be My Drummer” smacks of Robyn, both in terms of the vocals and the dance-y yet deep kind of pop music you can either groove joyfully to or have a good cry session to. The comparison to Robyn is inevitable, but STORME has their own

CILVR’s Bound to Die is Narration Goals

Twee sweetness artfully disguises the gut punch of the Scandinavian indie artist CILVR’s vivid lyrics. Combining pop and electronica, her song “Bound to Die” accomplishes the seemingly opposed dual goals of robust narration and an evocation of ethereality as she sings about the experience of going through a breakup. CILVR’s