Does music affect the brain?

Why do some people think that music can make you clever, and is there any scientific basis to this claim?The big buzz around this topic was possibly started byRauscher et al. in 1993, when they

LIZ LOKRE’S Doing Great Things with Her Music, and We Love It

While the vocals in LIZ LOKRE’s track, One, was superb overall, there was something really cool that caught our attention. We’re talking about LIZ’s use of a technique that’s quite similar to a call and

An interview with rising London based R&B artist CHAR.

CHAR is a singer-songwriter Berkshire born, now London based. Her music delves into her personal struggles with mental health and exists on a sliding scale between strength and vulnerability, in a self-reflective tone. CHAR’s style

An interview with Liverpool based artist TIËRNY

Liverpool based singer/songwriter TIËRNY combines powerful raw vocals, catchy hooks and emotive melodies with classical elements, self-titling the genre as Baroquetronica, creating melancholic pop perfection. We spoke about her inspirations, motivations to make it in

Charlotte’s Voice is the Exact Opposite of Pain

In her track This Pain, Charlotte OC gives all of us a chance to appreciate the variation in her vocals and her excellent use of vocal texturing. Her verses are sung at a lower octave

Laur Gives Us a Beautiful Aural Experience with Wallflower

Laur Elle, with her new track,Wallflower, provides listeners an aural experience that you can get lost in – in a good, of course. She achieves this by including delay in her vocal track, keyboard pads

Matilda Perfectly Blends Arrangement and Vocals in Her Track, Midnight

Matilda Bond’s track, Midnight, sounds almost like an amalgamation of RnB, Soul, and Funk. While the entire song has the vibe of an RnB song, the combination of the drums and the bass sounds something

Chelsea Uses One Hook to Her Advantage

Chelsea Collins’ track, 07 Britney, clearly shows that she understands how repeating a catchy hook can play to your advantage. We first hear the hook right at the start of the song, and the melody

Natalie Shay Provides Her Listeners with a Modern Take on an Old form of Music

Naked by Natalie Shay gives us the opportunity to listen to a modern version of 80s pop-rock. We’re talking keyboard pads, and loud drums with a low and powerful snare with high reverb. What’s more,

Sabrina Shows Us What She’s Made of In Her New Track

In Sabrina’s new track, Losing Sleep, she showcases her exquisite command on her vocal register. In the verses, her vocals stay in a low octave, which is pulled off superbly, as the notes are clear

Introducing dream pop songstress Ocean and the Waves

Ocean and the Waves, who’s name was inspired by Oceans island upbringing in Spain and her Aquarian zodiac sign, is a dream pop act currently based in London. Originally breaking the scene with an anthem

Carmen Lees Does Something Special with the Raw Emotion She Brings to the Table

Music doesn’t always have to be articulated in a neat and uniform structure. As a form of emotional expression, one must manipulate existing norms to suit what the artist wants to say, and Carmen Lees’

Skylar Lee Does Vocal Texturing Right

Skylar Lee, in Marionette, perfectly uses homophonic texturing of her vocals for creating an almost atmospheric presence in her song, giving it volume and complexity. What’s more is that it possibly replicates some of the

Sola Nails a Modern Take on RnB

Sola’s new alternative R&B track, Self-Destructing, expertly marries the vocals with the arrangement. What we mean by this is that the song starts off calmly, with a simplistic double-kick groove, as she sets up the

The first few steps to building your confidence back

As we are approaching the end of Mental Health week, I have seen my socials being flooded with wonderful messages about mental health, mind wellness, mindfulness as well as calls to actions for people that

Zeplyn: A diverse pop artist on the rise.

Hertfordshire native, Zeplyn has been building her solo career as a talented Pop Singer since the release of her first single in July last year. Influenced by music both new and old, Zeplyn aspires to

Aeora – A Breath of Fresh Air in Modern Music

Aeora, in her new pop song, Give It, keeps listeners interested and entertained by introducing variations in her vocal delivery. The subtle and intentional break in her voice in the verse and the pre-chorus gives

Shaefri Cleverly Uses Space to Enhance a Lyrical Journey

Shaefri’s new single, Girl, is the perfect example of how space is used as a tool to enhance a lyrical journey within a particular song. There are three major parts in the song: the verse,

What Does Kiki’s Music Feel Like?

The track, Feels Like, from Kiki’s new EP, Motives, is a great example of how a shift in musical dynamics and the intensity of the vocal arrangements can keep listeners wanting more. What makes this

Why Is Variation in Song Structure a Good Thing?

On your first listen, you may conclude that SIIGHTS’s track, Shoulda Been, is a conventional pop song, with a melody and rhythm that’ll make you want to tap your feet and well-placed bass-drops that keeps

ELI Kicks It Up a Notch with Her Variation in Rather Be

In her new single, Rather Be, ELI kicks it up a notch with the amount of variation she brings in a song. The track begins with a beautiful acoustic guitar riff that’s plucked with crisp

Champagne Nights Out

Music Is Constantly Evolving, and Irini Mando Shows Us How

Irini Mando does something particularly interesting with her new single, Champagne Nights Out, by including certain elements from other genres into her pop song. The overall vibe of the song almost replicates that of a

We’re High on Cotton Clouds and Don’t Want to Return

Everything about Kelli-Leigh’s new single, Cotton Clouds, simulates the almost intoxicating emotional delight that comes with newfound love. While the artist acknowledges that this feeling is fleeting through the song’s somewhat contemplative bridge, they revert

We Hope to Run into Callaghan Belle More Often

Callaghan Belle’s new single, Run Into You, does a great job at replicating what it feels like dealing with lost love. She creates an aural experience that’s packed with emotional ambiguity. Such situations often fall

An interview with rising singer songwriter SOLA

Originally from California, SOLA now based in Liverpool is a talented singer songwriter who recently released her electrifying debut single ‘Closure’. We got an opportunity to chat to her about who inspired her and what

An Empty Empire – What Does Molly Have to Say About That?

With her new single Empire, Molly brings light to a very important message “the best things in life are free”. While artists tend to add their lyrical hook in the chorus, where it can be

Lili Caseley

Lili Caseley Talks About Life in Her Own Unique Way

Lili Caseley’s new pop song C’est La Vie is very purposefully groovy; it contains a touch of youthful acceptance and it’s almost hopeful in the way it talks about loss. This seems intentional to complement

Edith Makes Us Feel Good by Being Sad

Edith’s new single Sad Girls Make Bad Boys Cry is an excellent example of how smart arrangement can increase the poignancy of the lyrics, even when they’re rather simple words. The entire song’s rhythm is

CHAR’s ‘Same Again’ – Modern RnB with a Twist

CHAR immediately injects her personality into her new modern RnB single Same Again. She starts that off in a particularly subtle way –the sounds of charring, which we believe alludes to her stage name, before

Taquirah Kills It with Her New Single “Feel”

With her slick bass line that perfectly complements the rhythm of the beat, Taquirah draws us into her new Lo-fi Hip hop track. That’s followed by single notes on the organ, which helps in creating

Charlotte OC’s Got Us Falling for Her

Charlotte OC’s new single Falling for You is a masterful marriage between ambient indie rock and neo-funk, with clean palm-muted guitar riffs and a rock-solid groove coming from both genres. The entire song has a

Introspect with Beth Duck’s Nomophobia

In only about three minutes, Beth Duck brings light to something that, perhaps, a lot of us struggle with: spending time away from our phones. Duck’s Nomophobia is an excellent example of how certain subtle

Celebrate Youthful Energy with Megzz’s ‘Love Tonight’

Megzz’s ‘Love Tonight’ is an upbeat track about friendship and love. This vibrant track talks about collision in love, featuring pop, R&B, and dancehall beats. It is a cheerful song about feelings. The lyrics are

Sway to the Tunes of ‘Closure’ by Sola

Sola’s ‘Closure’ is a super emotional song that touches upon the topics of first love, failed relationship, and heartbreak. Starting with an electrifying tune, it features sensational vocals of the artist to add to the

Rock N Roll with Zea Sy’s ‘Been with You’

Composed with raw, unapologetic lyrics and rock n roll tunes, Zea Sy’s ‘Been with You’ is an electrifying single that keeps listeners on the edge. There comes a moment in the song where an instrumental

Dive into the Sea of Honesty with Lea G’s ‘Tired of Your Talking’

Lea G’s ‘Tired of Your Talking’ is a catchy song that features a unique combination of sad and angry emotions. It’s about being tired of someone and coming clean to them about it. It’s also

Get Dreamy with Ava in the Dark’s ‘With You’

Ava in the Dark’s ‘With You’ is a sensational song which mixes the essence of true love and heartbreaking goodbyes. This emotional track is about bidding farewell to someone you love who also broke your

new music review

Experience a New Meaning of Freedom with Ari Tahan’s ‘Idiot’

Ari Tahan’s ‘Idiot’ is a vulnerable yet unapologetically fierce pop song that revolves around the singer’s past toxic relationship. It takes listeners to a vulnerable end where there is a prominent ray of hope and

music review

Tiërny’s ‘Solid Ground’ is Where Dark and Peace Meet

Tiërny’s ‘Solid Ground’ spells melancholic pop perfection. The artist reflects on her bumpy journey and remembers how one positive soul changed her perspective of hardships. She combines powerful, heart-wrenching lyrics with emotional vocals and a

Relish Folk Tunes with Alyssa Wettlaufer’s ‘Bleeding Out’

Alyssa Wettlaufer’s ‘Bleeding Out’ is an acoustic song that blends the elements of country and folk music. With slow beats, occasional choruses, and emotion-filled vocals, it touches the hearts of the listeners ever so deeply.

Dive into the Sea of Emotions with Kellimarie’s ‘It’s Not Over’

Kellimarie’s ‘It’s Not Over’ is a beautiful pop song that celebrates the impressively dynamic range of vocals of a 16-year old artist. This uplifting summer track is about wanting to be told that there is


Invigorate Your Soul with JNR Williams’ ‘Us in Major’

JNR Williams is all set to capture the heart and soul of listeners with his joyful lead single ‘Us in Major’. It is a heartfelt ode to life and relationships. Taking a realistic angle, the

Take a Step Closer to Modern Melodies with Inbal’s ‘One Step’

Inbal’s ‘One Step’ is a brilliant piece of music featuring modern melodies and sublime vocals. This imaginative track is all set to tell a tale of new beginnings and the insecurities that tag along. Inspired

Take Motivation from Char’s Self-reflective Single ‘Control’

Charlotte Brockman’s ‘Control’ is a soulful track that fuses electronic, pop, and R&B music elements. This song paints a picture of the personal struggles of the artist regarding mental health issues. Taking a self-reflective tone,

Esmé Gives a Dreamy Invitation through ‘Come with Me’

Esmé’s ‘Come with Me’ invites listeners to the world of love with dreamy vocals. The track is too enchanting of a song that was created with just three cords. The lyrics revolve around being attracted

Celebrate Yourself with Rachel Huggins’ ‘Take Control’

Rachel Huggins’ single track ‘Take Control’ creates magic for the soul by fusing classic vibes of jazz and disco. This uplifting track has a mesmerizing vintage melody and inspiring lyrics that revolve around taking control

Revel in the Joy of Confession with Alia’s ‘Save Me’

Dark, moody, and captivating – these words describe Alia’s ‘Save Me’ the best. Laced with unveiled emotions and unrestricted tenderness, this song talks about the unfortunate, dark phase of a romantic relationship. The heart-touching lyrics,

Face the Heart-Mind Battle with Tessa Dixson’s ‘Ignited’

Tessa Dixson, in her single ‘Ignited’, gives pop music an invigorating upswing with her enchanting vocals and graceful melody. The melodious song relies on a transcendental chorus, floating chimes, and cloudy layers of a synth

Crossing the Fine Line with Sky Keller’s ‘Platonic’

Featuring Sky Keller’s enchanting voice, ‘Platonic’ is an exciting addition in the new generation’s love anthem list. The simple yet gripping lyrics of the pop track have done justice to audacious, one-sided platonic love. The

Put Those Shades On and Get Ready to Party with ORKID’s ‘I Don’t Give a Damn’

ORKID’s ‘I Don’t Give a Damn’ takes the listeners on an emotional journey and invites them to discover new realms of the modern alternative pop culture. The vigorous tunes, honest lyrics, and passionate vocals take

Let’s Crush Overrated Perfection with Upsahl’s ‘Wish You’d Make Me Cry’

Stirring up undying enthusiasm and eagerness, Upsahl’s ‘Wish You’d Make Me Cry’ is meant to crush the society’s paradigm of romantic relationships. Reflecting an unpopular opinion that perfection is overrated, this track is feisty and

Fuel Up with SHE Major’s ‘Home’

She Major’s ‘Home’ is an inspirational track that is best described as ‘fueling’ and ‘vibrant’. This passionate song is dominated by loud and powerful drumbeats that complement the soulful vocals. It talks about going back

Discover Your Other Side with Emma McGrath’s ‘Other Side’

Euphoric melody, buoyant vocals, and heartfelt lyrics – Emma McGrath’s single ‘Other Side’ is wrapped in these. With an anthem-like chorus, pounding drumbeats, and beautiful guitar tunes, it carries the listeners to a bold yet

Calm Your Storm of Pain with Rynn’s ‘Like a Dream’

Rynn’s single ‘Like a Dream’ captures the pain and essence of heartbreak and lost love ever so beautifully. The heart-touching track opens with breezy synths and an exuberant atmosphere talking about the comfort and home-like

Treat Your Badass Mood with The Roques’ ‘Addicted’

‘Addicted’ by The Roques is an exciting track that encapsulates action and emotions. It starts with a wild vibe sounding like a snippet from 2000’s action movie. The thriving pace of the guitar complements the

Make the Most of Now with Ayelle’s ‘Right Now’

Dripping in passion and fervor, Ayelle’s ‘Right Now’ is an extremely touching song that speaks of careless love that knows no bounds. It’s all about living in the moment because no moment lasts forever. In

Ride a Rollercoaster of Emotions with Lizzy Land’s ‘Braids’

Lizzy Land’s ‘Braids’ is a billowing track that takes the listeners on a journey of self-exploration and self-understanding. Featuring gratifying tunes and overwhelming lyrics, the song portrays timid, shrinking self in a way that is

Dive in the Ocean of Jealousy and Heartbreak with Kingsbury’s ‘U Take It Back’

Featuring accents that are sleek and gritty at the same time, Kingsbury’s ‘U Take It Back’ is an exemplary electro-pop track that personifies heartbreak beautifully. The song is a burning confessional by the artist where

Learn to Smile Through the Pain with Tanners’ ‘Heavy Metals’

Fortitude, grit, and true mettle are the insignias of Tanners’ fight against bouts of depression, as described in her song ‘Heavy Metals’. The perfectly executed track is catchy and edifying, creating a sense of urgency.

Dive into a Sea of Emotions with Wayi’s ‘Love in Progress’

Wayi’s EP ‘Love in Progress’ is a beautiful ode to love and romance. This five-track project revolves around the love that gives butterflies, hurts, surprises, and kills. The lyrics are raw and so pure that

Master Self-acceptance and Self-love with LOUUD’s ‘Better Off’

‘Better Off’ is a beautiful, heart-touching composition that features dynamic melodies and excellent vocals. This new-age self-love pop anthem instills a sense of self-respect, self-sufficiency, and treating oneself right. With laid-back vocals and chilled electronics,

RONIIT’S Visceral is a Poetic Commentary on the Human Condition

According to RONIIT herself, “Visceral’ is about the back and forth I experience between feeling hopeless and feeling endless. It’s the ups and downs, the emotional roller coaster that I’ve been riding within my mind.”


Melancholia Drives Phil Hancock’s Incredibly Moving H8U

Phil Hancock’s ambient H8U was influenced by deep heartbreak that spanned a year – and it shows. H8U is the excellent follow up to 2018’s Heaven. The layered track seamlessly blends smooth piano and wistful

TS Grayes Honestly is a Dazzlingly Moody Ballad

It’s always exciting to see young talent sprout its wings, but TS Grayes has broken exceptional ground with ‘Honestly’, the fourth single she put out in 2018. The 18-year-old’s honey-soaked vocals add multidimensionality to the

I am Karate’s Work it Out is an Energetic Club Hit

Swedish duo I am Karate is bonafide electric. Self-produced single Work it Out is a work of marvelous energy defined by snappy drums, gorgeous vocals, flavors of synthpop and sophisticated production. The song makes relationship

Honesty at the Heart of Twilight Driving’s Dangerous

Large sounds, excellent story-telling and infectious hooks: these are the trademarks of Twilight Driving, whose heartfelt song Dangerous creates a true sense of possibility and big-eyed wonder. Introduced by a synth-influenced drum, the song leads

Lyrah’s Down Low is a Delight to Hear

Are you a selfish dater? Lyrah feels you. Down Low is the perfect ditty to those of us who hold on to self-serving intentions when dating around, and the lyrics are served well by Lyrah’s

Emily Chambers’ Left Alabama Has That Motown Funk You Crave

While Emily Chambers may draw inspiration from the likes of D’Angelo, Lauryn Hill and Stevie Wonder, Left Alabama is all her. The Canadian R&B singer uses her to-die-for voice to full effect in this jaunty

Dominique’s Payup Drips with Confidence

Confidence and attitude will get you far, as Dominique well knows. Her new track Payup is a feisty anthem with a simple demand from an ex: that he pay up for all of the time

Cathedral’s Gothic Sensibilities are a Hit in Just a Game

Just a Game is a tribute to the power of excellent collaboration, as the Cathedral duo plays off on each other’s strengths. Cathedral’s Just a Game is almost effortlessly sleek, enriched beyond measure by the

KYRA: From a Girl with Dreams to a Rising Star

This Women’s Day, FAVE Sounds is ready to introduce to our community the gorgeous and talented singer-songwriter Kyra. We met Kyra some time ago in person and were struck by her beauty and simplicity. She

Billie Eilish’s New Single Bury a Friend is Deliciously Gothic and Eerie

The kids are alright, if 17-year-old Billie Eilish’s Bury a Friend is anything to go by. With beat-drenched production and heavy gothic sensibilities, at first glance it seems all too similar to Eilish’s other work.

Kyra Pulls the Right Chords with Her Stirring Remake of Rosie Gaines’ ‘Closer than Close’

The West Londoner singer-songwriter adds her own spin to the ever-sensual track ‘Closer than Close’. With her tender yet powerful voice, she makes the classic number an ultimate depiction of the intensity of a woman’s

Caroline Dukes’ Creates an Affecting Atmosphere with Divine Single Hit and Run

Swedish singer-songwriter Caroline Dukes packs a hefty punch with her single “Hit and Run”, an almost cinematic track that’s taken to new heights thanks to her soaring, emotive vocals. The soft piano keys that start

STORME’s Be My Drummer Recalls Robyn in All the Right Ways

STORME’s dramatic and infectious single “Be My Drummer” smacks of Robyn, both in terms of the vocals and the dance-y yet deep kind of pop music you can either groove joyfully to or have a

CILVR’s Bound to Die is Narration Goals

Twee sweetness artfully disguises the gut punch of the Scandinavian indie artist CILVR’s vivid lyrics. Combining pop and electronica, her song “Bound to Die” accomplishes the seemingly opposed dual goals of robust narration and an

LENN’s Riding Shotgun is a Quietly Powerful Ode to Love

Lenn’s breathtaking “Riding Shotgun” is a testament to the power of good honest songwriting. This pop masterpiece was first written in 2017, and since its release has managed to become a sleeper hit. The throbbing

Dark and Light Intermingle in Allola’s Confident Debut High Horse

Allola’s confident electro-pop debut “High Horse” is a surprisingly surefooted one, with the Melbourne-based singer skating through a sparkling combination of dream-pop and electronica to create a sound that’s one-of-a-kind. Sprinkled throughout with excellent pop

Bruce Mississippi Johnson Explores Self-Doubt with No Good

Bruce Mississippi Johnson’s soulful and deeply textured baritone is the clear highlight of his single “No Good”, but there’s so much more to this bluesy track than that. Bruce’s rich musical heritage is almost immediately

James Supercave’s Compelling Video Fools Examines the Nature of Choice

Are you in the driving seat? That’s the retrospection James Supercave’s “Fool” gently invites you to with an atmospheric video that offers quiet social commentary. Building on a simple beat, clever bass riffs and subtle

Optimism at the Heart of WAHL’s Lush Run in the Fire

WAHL’s ‘Run in the Fire’ simple and feel-good lyrics are elevated by singer Rachel Still’s phenomenally rich voice, one that recalls Florence Walsh from Florence + The Machine. The song manages that tricky feat of

Arlo Parks Makes a Fantastic Debut with Poetic Single Cola

At 18, Arlo Parks has managed to swing it out of the field with her debut “Cola”, a testament to the heights poetic lyricism can take a song when paired with a voice as soulful

Mischief and Hilarity Abound in Alex Parvenu’s It Wasn’t Me

Gospel instrumentation, retro influences, a breezy don’t-care tone and a hilarious animated video: these may just be the ingredients needed to create the perfect ode to a romance with a preacher’s daughter. On a technical